• Online visa:

Recently, the Embassy of Viet Nam has received a lot of questions regarding online visa problems encountered by applicants. Embassy cannot verify or confirm the reliability of other types of visa not provided by the Embassy and recommends travelers to obtain correct types of visa before entering Vietnam. The Embassy of Viet Nam in the Hague is the sole competent authority in the Netherlands to issue visa to Viet Nam. Fraudulently issued visa will be refused entry and fee is not refundable. 

There have also been reported cases of fraudulence and personal data theft when applying for online visa and cases of entry refusal on arrival when these types of online visa are applied through un-trusted websites. The Embassy cannot verify the validity of such visa and cannot provide assistance to travelers in case their visas are refused.

In order to avoid any risk of personal data theft or losses through fraudulent use of credit/debit cards, travelers are strongly recommended not to provide personal information on un-trusted websites.

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