* Consular hours (Visa, Passport, Legalization,…): from 9:00 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 16:30 on Monday and Wednesday.​


For this time being Entry visas to Viet Nam can ONLY be given to person who has been pre-approved (or visa Approval Letters) by the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam (VID).

According to the law of Viet Nam, foreigner who wishes to travel to Viet Nam shall request the inviting or guaranteeing agency, organization or individual to carry out procedures at the immigration management agency or competent agency.

The above regulations apply to tourists as well. Tourists need to provide full information about tours, routes, length of stay in Viet Nam to the travel agencies and they will request the  VID assistance in approving visa Approval Letters for their tourist clients.

Please contact the  VID for more information​​​​ via email: contact@immigration.gov.vn or hotline: +84.24.382.640.26 (in Ha Noi) or +84.28.392.003.65 (in Ho Chi Minh city) or website https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en

To apply for a visa to Vietnam, you have the following options:

Option  1: In case you have obtained a Visa Approval Letter of VID (your hosting/ inviting organization or individual should request this visa approval for you), you can apply in-person at the Embassy; 

You are required to submit the following documents:

1. 01 visa application form download here.doc

2. Passport with at least 06 months of validity prior to the proposed date of entry into Viet Nam to meet airlines' and immigration requirements).

3. Visa Approval Letter of VID.

4. Photo

5. Visa fees

6. Other supporting documents (if any): copy of visa approval document or provision of visa approval reference number issued by the relevant authority of Viet Nam; invitation letter from sponsor/host etc.

Option 2: In case you do not have the visa approval mentioned in Option 1, you can:

a) Request your hosting/ inviting organization or individual to carry out the procedures to request the competent authority of Vietnam to grant the approval and then follow the guidance as mentioned in point 1.;

b) Directly apply for an e-visa by accessing the link administered by the VID via website https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn

E-visa are not issued by Embassy of Vietnam, The Hague. It is directly issued by the VID. 

If you have any difficulties or problems occur while applying for the e-visa, please contact the VID via email: foreigners@immigration.gov.vn or hotline: +84.24.382.640.26 (in Ha Noi) or +84.28.392.003.65 (in Ho Chi Minh city)

Important notices

* Consular hours (Visa, Passport, Legalization,…): fr​om 9:00 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 16:30 on Monday and Wednesday.

* Upon receiving your visa, kindly double check all personal information printed on your visa. In case of inaccurate personal information, please contact the VID or the Embassy immediately for correction or adjustments (fees may be applied for amendments of visas due to applicants's inadvertent errors).

* Duration of stay: visa will be valid from the date of entry provided on your application and printed on the visa. You may enter ON or AFTER the date of entry given on the visa and is expected to leave before the end of the expiration date.

* The Embassy reserves the right to request further information and documentation from applicants and to deny approval for any visa application without necessarily providing explanation for visa denial.

​* We do not encourage you to book any air tickets/ hotels beforehand.

Viet Nam's electronic visa (or e-visa, labled as EV) shall be applied for citizends of all countries and territories
On August 14, 2023, the Government of Viet Nam issued Resolution No. 127/NQ-CP on the application of electronic visas for citizens of countries and territories; international checkpoints allowing foreigners to enter and exit by electronic visa. Accordingly, the Government granted issueing electronic visa to citizens of all countries and territories.
List of international border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit by electronic visas include:

13 air border gates
1 - Noibai Airport Border Gate;
2 - Tan Son Nhat Airport Border Gate;
3 - Cam Ranh Airport Border Gate;
4 - Da Nang Airport Border Gate;
5 - Cat Bi Airport Border Gate;
6 - Can Tho Airport Border Gate;
7 - Phu Quoc Airport Border Gate;
8 - Phu Bai Airport Border Gate;
9 - Van Don Airport Border Gate;
10 - Tho Xuan Airport Border Gate;
11 - Dong Hoi Airport Border Gate;
12 - Phu Cat Airport Border Gate;
13 - Lien Khuong Airport Border Gate;

16 land border gates
1 - Tay Trang international border gate, Dien Bien province;
2 - Mong Cai international border gate, Quang Ninh province;
3 - Huu Nghi international border gate, Lang Son province;
4 - Lao Cai international border gate​, Lao Cai;
5 - Na Meo international border gate, Thanh Hoa province;
6 - Nam Can international border gate, Nghe An province;
7 - Cau Treo international border gate, Ha Tinh province;
8 - Cha Lo international border gate, Quang Binh province;
9 - La Lay international border gate, Quang Tri province;
10 - Lao Bao international border gate, Quang Tri province;
11 - Bo Y international border gate, Kon Tum province;
12 - Moc Bai international border gate, Tay Ninh province;
13 - Xa Mat international border gate, Tay Ninh province;
14 - Tinh Bien international border gate, An Giang province;
15 - Vinh Xuong international land and river border gate, An Giang province;
16 - Ha Tien international border gate​, Kieng Giang province.

13 sea border gates
1 - Hon Gai Port border gate, Quang Ninh province;
2 - Cam Pha Port border gate, Quang Ninh province;
3 - Hai Phong Port border gate, Hai Phong city;
4 - Nghi Son Port border gate, Thanh Hoa province;
5 - Vung Ang Port border gate, Ha Tinh province;
6 - Chan May Port border gate, Thua Thien Hue province;
7 - Da Nang Port border gate, Da Nang city;
8 - Nha Trang Port border gate, Khanh Hoa province;
9 - Quy Nhon Port border gate, Binh Dinh province;
10 - Dung Quat Port border gate, Quang Ngai province;
11 - Vung Tau Port border gate, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province;
12 - Ho Chi Minh city Port border gate, Ho Chi Minh city;
13 - Duong Dong Port border gate, Kien Giang province.

This Resolution takes effect from August 15, 2023, replace Resolution No. 79/NQ-CP dated May 25, 2020 and Resolution No. 60/NQ-CP dated April 27, 2022.
The duration of Viet Nam's electronic visa is lengthend, from maximum of 30 days with single entry, to maximum of 90 days with single or multiple entry(ies).​

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